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Sabtu, 06 Maret 2010

Magix Music Maker 15

Thousands of current audio building blocks and effects from the studios of internationally successful producers are waiting to be combined and transformed however you want. Integrate your own recordings or parts of your favorite MP3s. In a short time, your own perfect songs will be ready %u2013 in CD quality. And the best part is, it's all so simple that you can get started right away.



abhitubby wrote:
Cheers !!! Very Happy

trex9810 wrote:
Thanks, lookin forward to play with this. Wink

Scagrat wrote:
Thank you

D'Angelo wrote:
sweet thanks will try this out

persian52 wrote:
thx mate

James[h]09 wrote:
thank you -great!

Tazilla wrote:
Nice work, thanks!

shimedawg wrote:
Thank you my brother

HellZone wrote:
thanks it works Wink

russianfalcon wrote:
thanks great program and the new one too great upload

JsGroup wrote:
thanks, used this before, its really simple to use Very Happy

keremcemtorun wrote:
thanks works great

Thanks for everyones comments it means alot to me and keeps the thread alive.

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