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Jumat, 12 Februari 2010



Editstudio is the latest version of our video editing program. If you wish to make your own movies and are frustrated by your current under-powered or under-supported product, Editstudio is designed for you. Capture video, edit it in any way that you want and create a movie exactly the way you want it.

Editstudio Pro is the flagship version of the program, supporting advanced features like advanced audio effects, unlimited composition layers, keyframe editing and 3 point colour correction. Editstudio Home provides many of the features Editstudio Pro, but is provided at a cost that is more suitable for the home user.

Here are some key features of "Editstudio":

· Timeline editing, for more flexibility and power than simpler "storyboard" editors.
· Ripple editing, allowing items to be inserted and deleted with space being created and deleted easily.
· New tools to easily cut out or keep sections of video.
· Auto transitions and crossfades; overlap 2 items to automatically create a transition.
· Full quality picture zooming and panning, sometimes called "The Ken Burns effect".
· Route Tracer for showing routes across a map, or animated graphs.
· Knock Out effect, for removing unwanted logos and text from video.
· Split screen and picture-in-picture.
· Speed up, slow down and reverse video.
· Chromakeying for blue/greenscreen removal.
· 3 point colour correction for professional image quality matching or colourisation.
· Personal, friendly support.
· 195 page manual, including introductory tutorial and reference section for all effects.
· Online tutorials on many varied subjects.
· Audio keyframes for volume, balance, pan.
· Audio effects including 5 band equaliser.
· Speed up, slow down and reverse audio.
· Unlimited layers (Editstudio Pro only).
· Analogue and DV capture.
· DV batch capture.
· Auto scene detection during or after capture
· Import video from most digital cameras.
· Media Explorer helps keep all your media organised.
· Save effect presets for later use; share presets across projects.
· Free developer SDK available (see Download section).
· Create movies for DVD, along with chapters and subtitles when used with DVD-lab Studio and DVD-lab Pro.
· Supports AVI, DV, MPEG (1 and 2), QuickTime, Windows Media, WAV, MP3, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF.


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