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Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

WebCam Monitor 5.03 Full+ fix


WebCam Monitor 5.03 full
Turn your PC and Camera into a Video Security and Surveillance System.
WebCam Monitor is a motion detection software that monitors your home, office, or any premise. The software records action triggered by motion or noise as it

happens. It is as simple as connecting a USB camera to your PC or selecting an IP camera and using WebCam Monitor to turn your computer to an inexpensive video surveillance system that is on guard 24 hours a day. You can view activities monitored by your camera from anywhere with an Internet connection.

WebCam Monitor features

Use webcams and IP cameras to monitor and record video.
Receive instant e-mail notification when motion or noise is detected by your camera.
Schedule monitoring to start and stop automatically at weekly, once, application startup or daily intervals.
Uninterrupted recording from any selected camera.
Broadcast the video from your camera so you can view it remotely.
Stamp the video recording with date and time for legal purposes.
Use a wizard to automatically configure WebCam Monitor for common monitoring scenarios.
Get e-mail notifications with a photo snap of the motion or noise event sent to your mailbox.
Use up to 4 webcams directly connected to your PC or up to 32 IP cameras.
View all event history along with recordings and photo snaps from within WebCam Monitor.
Setup a Website showing live images updated by WebCam Monitor.
Digitally zoom up to 200% of the view from any video device.
Upload recorded videos, audios, and photo snaps on FTP within a configured interval.
Configure one or several cameras for viewing and monitoring.


No Pass

old version thi work






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